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Father's Day Gift Guide: 7 Must Haves for the Coffee-Loving Dad 

by Equator Coffee Roasters on Jun 01, 2023

An Aeropress Go with a bag of coffee and a person using a manual grinder in the background.

For all the coffee-loving dads, Equator coffee has created the perfect gift guide to help get them the gift they deserve. Whether your Dad is looking to upgrade their brewing equipment or branch out into adventure-ready tools such as the Bripe, we’ve got you covered.

  1. For the Adventurous Dad: The Wilderness Bundle

Give the gift of quantity and quality with Equators coffee’s curated Wilderness bundle, designed for any Dad looking to make high-quality coffee on the go. Comprised of three items, the AeroPress Go, Maiwenn Mini Manual Coffee Grinder, and a 340-gram bag of Equator coffee, this bundle has all the coffee-making essentials.

  • AeroPress Go: Designed for easy on-the-go use, the AeroPress Go will become a staple tool for any adventurous dad who enjoys a consistent quality brew on the go.
  • Maiwenn Mini Manual Coffee Grinder: Portable, lightweight, and easy to use, this stainless steel adjustable hand grinder is essential for a consistent brew on the go. Available in four colors, allowing you to customize your gift, especially for your dad.
  • Equator coffee specialists have selected three of our six signature bag coffee beans, Sweet Justice, Outlier, and Freakin’ Good, to pair with the coffee accessories in this bundle, allowing customers to choose their dad's favorite blend and create their perfect brew.

2. For the Trendsetter Dad: Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold brew concentrate coffee has taken the coffee market by storm, allowing consumers to have cold coffee within seconds by having it prepared in large quantities in the fridge. Cold Brew concentrate gives the desired cold temperature, without the watered-down taste of iced coffee. Help your Dad hope on the Cold Brew trend by gifting him a bottle of Equator’s Cold Brew Concentrate. With many servings in one bottle, this gift will allow Dad to explore the world of cold brew.

  1. For the Off the Grid Dad: Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe kit

Built for the true wilderness explorer, the Bripe packs a powerful punch in its small package, providing strong coffee shots wherever adventure takes you. Designed for the explorer in every day Dad, the Bripe brews coffee using hot water and a butane torch. This tool is extremely compact and efficient as the brewing chamber is also used as the drinking vessel thanks to a small spout coming out of the brewing chamber. The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit will provide your Dad with all the tools needed to make a perfect Bripe coffee shot.

Included in Kit

  • The Bripe™ Coffee Brew Pipe™
  • Quality Quad jet torch (shipped empty, without butane)
  •  Reusable variable stainless steel filter
  •  Thermometer -Fahrenheit 
  •  Carrying case
  •  Coffee tube

  1. For the Brewed Coffee Lover: Moccamaster KBT Coffee Master

If your Dad loves a classic consistent brewed Coffee, the Moccamaster is the perfect gift. This machine allows for hands-on control with a manual-adjust stop on the KBT’s brew basket and keeps coffee hot for over an hour thanks to its double-walled stainless steel carafe. Featuring a durable construction design, this machine is built to last, allowing you to give your Dad the gift of quality coffee for years to come.


5. For the Coffee perfectionist: Acaia Scale

Designed for coffee enthusiasts, who are passionate about precision brewing, the Acaia scale is perfect for any dad who loves the perfect brew every time. This scale is renowned for its accuracy as it provides measurements up to 0.1 grams. The Acaia Scale is packed with high-tech solutions, compatible with the Acacia Pearl app that allows for endless exploration of the coffee world. Luxury features such as rechargeable batteries allow for easy and precise measuring while on the go, camping, or on the kitchen island. With Compact and durable construction this scale is easy to throw in a bag and take with you on any adventure.

 6. For the Coffee Curious Dad: Brew it, Right Training class

Is your Dad often unsatisfied with his coffee, or simply doesn’t know how to make a quality brew? Give the gift of knowledge and experience this Father’s Day by purchasing a two-hour Brew it Right Training Class. The Brew it Right training class is held in Equator’s cupping lab, and taught by one of our experienced baristas. During the class, participants will learn how to efficiently use a French Press, AeroPress, and a pour-over, three of the more common ways to brew coffee. On Top of the basics, our experienced Baristas will teach participants how to maximize their skills, teaching them how to prep coffee beans, handle coffee grounds, and teach different ways to serve their quality brew.


7. For the Multitasking Dad: Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

For the Dad that enjoys coffee in many different ways, the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is the perfect tool. Renowned for its efficient, precise, and consistent grinding, this machine allows users to decide what brewing method they want to use, at any given time due to its easily adjustable grind size. This lets customers have the perfect grinds for Espresso, pour over, and drip coffee all from one machine. 


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