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Ethiopia Sidama Light

Did someone say blueberries 👀? Sourced from the Mokonissa cooperative in the Sidama region of Ethiopia, this month's single origin is loaded with ...

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Customer Reviews

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Maurice Benoit

Excellent. Wonderful coffee. All what we expected from an Ethiopian Coffee, (the cradle of coffee). Full of body and flavour. Was a bit concerned about the darkness but it is not too bold, bitter or overwhelming. Very smooth to drink and not upsetting to your stomach. Comes across as a medium-dark which is absolutely perfect for our Americano's, expressos, etc.

Eric Goodwin
This darker roast of my favourite bean is just perfect

Dark by modern standards but well balanced and excellent as drip or pour over.

Ups and downs

This had been my favorite single origin dark roast for 2 years, drink it everyday. But this time, my bag tastes totally different. It tastes like someone switched my coffee. It lost the fruity and nice carmel flavour and only left the bitterness. I am wondering if I got the over roasted batch. Now, I am stuck with the 5 lb tasteless bitter crap. Quality control is the key for high quality, maintaining this standard is difficult. If the batch is not satisfactory, it should have gone to the food bank for free.

Ottawa's Best Dark Roast!

This full bodied coffee is delicious and well balanced as a dark roast and smooth. Ottawa's specialty coffee scene is getting a great bean from one of its pioneers. Ive ordered this bean twice now and will continue to do so. Works great on my larger batch brewer the Ratio six and on my aeropress for iced coffee! Don't miss out!

Cindy Cook
Sidama was very tastey

First time trying it and we loved it!

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