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Local deliveries (Ottawa area delivered by Equator):

  • Orders over $250 are delivered free of charge.
  • Orders under $250 a delivery fee of $7.50 applies.

    For the rest of Ontario (based on order amount):

    • $1-$100 - full shipping fee
    • $100-$250 - flat fee of $15
    • $250-$400 - flat fee of $10
    • $400+ - free shipping

      For customers outside of Ontario:

      • Customers will be responsible for the full shipping fee.


      Claims and Returns: If you have received something other than what you ordered, please contact us ( as soon as you can. If it was our mistake, we will replace the items at the earliest possible convenience and arrange pickup if it makes sense to do so. If the error was caused at the customer's end, (eg. selecting the wrong grind or coffee type,) we still want to make you happy, but you may have to help us out with the replacement costs.

      Order Errors: Let's do our best to avoid these! First step: email or order online. We're happy to chat with you on the phone, but in general, phone orders breed mistakes... without any paper trail. Equator, therefore, is not responsible for errors on phone orders. When you email, order online, or (if you're feeling old-school) fax your order, please remember to include company name, coffee selection, quantity, grind type, and size. 

      Damage In Transit Claims: All products should be inspected upon arrival for damages that could have occurred in transit. We require notification of damage, including pictures of shipping label, shipping case, and of the products themselves within 15 days of delivery.

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      Orders typically ship out within 2 business days.